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Trinity Bible Church


Home Touch Devotional

Scripture Reading: John 15:1-8

Humility is not thinking less of yourself,

 it’s thinking of yourself less. ¾Rick Warren




o you sometimes have trouble taking orders, following directions, doing what you’re told? Oh, not all the time; just sometimes?

I feel that way at times when I just want to do things my way and at my own pace. I resent being rushed, or listening to someone tell me there’s a better way.

I was reminded of this when a friend from southern California visited us at our home in Oregon. He told me a story about his trip north, the last 100 miles of which involved driving in the evening from Interstate 5 to the Oregon coast.

“I was driving west on Highway 20,” he said, “and it was getting dark fast. I noticed that about five cars were following me. My speed was about 60 mph, and I wasn’t comfortable going faster on a winding road with which I was unfamiliar.

“Finally, I pulled over in a small town, and the cars went by. Then, I began to follow them, and it was easy to follow them because their red taillights showed me the way. Every time we approached a curve in the road, I knew if I needed to brake or slow down. They showed me the path.

“In short, I was able to travel faster and more safely when following others than when trying to lead them.”

This was a good lesson for me to remember. One needs to know when to lead and when to step out of the way. No one does everything better than everyone else. We all can learn from other people. We should not be embarrassed to step aside and follow and learn from someone else.

—Timothy Merrill


Prayer: Lord, keep me from pride. Help me to accept the help that others offer. Amen.