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Scripture Reading: Psalm 148

Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.

¾Sonia Ricotti






his coming Friday night, people around the world will party. It’s New Year’s Eve and if this isn’t a chance to party, then you’re clearly not a party animal.

 I’m not either. Chances are I will be in bed by 9 p.m.! How about you?

 But the younger set will probably want to welcome the new year in by staying up well past midnight. So now the question is: Where are the best places to go on New Year’s Eve?

 One travel site suggests London. “Watch London’s best new year’s fireworks as the sky lights up with a million different colors as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye are illuminated in the backdrop.”

 Or one might go to Berlin and head for the Brandenburg Gate where there’s live music until 3 a.m. Copacabana Beach in Rio is another option. Budapest, Sydney, Paris — celebrations everywhere. And of course, New York City and Times Square.

 This is relevant how? Because Psalm 148 is today’s reading for the last Sunday of the year and it reads like a New Year’s Eve party invitation! Feel free to read psalms 149 and 150.

 In these psalms, David, the psalmist, raves about the band, and all the instruments, but here in Psalm 148 he also calls on all creation to come to the party. The psalmist doesn’t really offer any reason as to why we should celebrate. Clearly, he believes this is obvious. It’s the Lord we’re praising here. No explanations are necessary. 

 Perhaps having a “God party” is not a bad idea. Perhaps on Friday, you and some friends can gather to celebrate God!

 There’s a name for this, you know. It’s called worship!  —Timothy Merrill


Prayer: Lord God, I thank you for the blessings of 2021. They have made be grateful. And I also thank you for the challenges of 2021. They have made me stronger. Amen.